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Hidrostal’s philosophy is to blend innovative ideas with well tested pump designs, to produce value for money products
to minimise the life-time cost of ownership. The objective of the design process is to:
  • Make available a range of build options to suit a wide
    variety of applications.
  • To maintain interchangeability across all generations of pumps. This flexibility permits sub-assemblies like hydraulic
    ends, bearing frames and submersible/ immersible motors to be exchanged at any time to allow the users to take
    advantage of the latest dev-elop-ments in pump technology.
  • The possibility to upgrade the specification at any time for changing operating conditions.


All Hidrostal pumps incorporate the company’s Screw Centrifugal Impeller. Extremely versatile in its applications, the impeller provides efficient handling of a range of liquids, often highly abrasive or corrosive in nature. It is ideal for:
  • Solids Handling
  • Pumping Viscous Sludges
  • Handling Delicate or Low Shear Products

Unique to all Hidrostal pumps is the ability to handle the above in combination.

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Many applications too arduous for other types of centrifugal pumps can usually be handled by the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller. The impeller comprises a single spiral vane, having large open passages, which makes a long slow turn from the axial inlet to the radial outlet. The design provides optimum
hydraulic performance giving:
  • High efficiencies
  • Steep and stable hydraulic curve
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Low NPSH
  • Non-clog pumping
  • Typical applications:
  • Industrial effluents
  • Raw unscreened sewage
  • Viscous sludges
  • Return activated sludges
  • Drainage/Stormwater
  • Process Waste
Hidrostal Submersible Pumps

Pumps are heavy-duty construction, designed to operate at depths of 20 metres with
special versions available for depths to 200 metres.

Guide Rail Mounted

Hidrostal Centrifugal Pump, Guide Rail Mounted Centrifugal Pump

For permanent installation and ease of maintenance, a guide rail
mounting arrangement is available. Twin guide rails ensure the pump is guided to the discharge
elbow and correctly locates in position to give a leak-free connection.
Free - Standing or Portable Units

Hidrostal Centrifugal Pump, Standing Centrifugal Pump, Portable Centrifugal Pump Units

For applications where a permanent guide rail system is inappropriate, or a
temporary arrangement is required, all Hidrostal sub-mersible (and immersible)
pumps can be used as free-standing

Axial Flow - Tube Mounted

Hidrostal Centrifugal Pump, Axial Flow Centrifugal Pump

Hidrostal ‘A’ type pumps are designed for low head applications up to 10m and flows from 30 to 1,100l/s. The axial pump range is based around Hidrostal’s standard range of submersible motors having the same benefits as previously described.The difference is that the volute on the low pressure versions is replaced with a casing having an axial discharge enabling the pumps to be installed in a tube or concrete chamber.

Hidrostal Immersible Pumps
Hidrostal Immersible Pumps

Hidrostal immersible pumps are a versatile, innovative development of the established submersible range. Capable of continuous operation in a dry installation, the immersibles may be operated, with equal efficiency, when fully or partially submerged.
The pumps are particularly suited for dry pit applications where the combination of the Screw Centrifugal Impeller and immersible motor can be considered the state-of-the-art technology. Leakage of the pumped product is eliminated by tandem seals running in an oil bath,
avoiding a situation commonly experienced with soft-packed glands. Hidrostal immersible waste water / sewage pump stations have fre-quently been mistaken for clean water stations, due to the lack of odour and the cleanliness of the buildings.
Immersible pumps are particularly suitable for installation where quiet running, clean surroundings, reliable and long trouble-free operation is required. The pumps may be installed vertically or horizontally.
Hidrostal Bearing Frame Pumps

Heavy Duty Process Pump   Closed - Coupled Process Pump   Large Bearing Frame For Vertical or Horizontal Installation

The process pump line is available in many mounting and
driving configurations and materials of construction to suit most applications.

Hidrostal Systems

Transportation system for delicate solids
handling including feeder devices
  Automatic flow regulation system “Prerostal
without any moving parts.


Submersible mixers, Aerators and Chopper Pumps.


The Bedford Pump Company was founded in 1987 by members of the former Allen Ywynnes pump Co. and is now a Hidrostal Group Company.

Download Submersible Axial Flow Pump Brochure

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