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E One Sewer Systems

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The EOne sewer systems are cost effective, highly reliable central sewer systems that can be installed in any terrain by following the natural contour of the land, be it flat, wet, rocky, or even on sites with dramatic elevation changes. They are more affordable than conventional gravity sewers, which require major excavation. They are also much safer for communities than septic systems, which eventually fail, polluting ground and recreational water and endangering public health.

Environmentally Sensitive, Economically Sensible

The E/One Sewer is a low pressure sewer system that is powered by E/One grinder pumps. A low pressure sewer system consists of a network of pressure pipes and grinder pumps, which may be installed at each home site. The grinder pumps collect all of the wastewater from the home and grind it into slurry. The wastewater is then pumped to a larger sewer main or directly to a wastewater treatment plant.

E/One developed the concept of the household grinder pump starting in 1968. Today, celebrating four decades of leadership, the E/One Extreme series grinder pump is more reliable and rugged than ever before. Extreme boasts 185 feet TDH (80 psi) and more than 10 years average mean time between service calls. Click here to learn more about E/One Extreme.

Engineers can benefit from E/One Sewer systems:

At the heart of the E/One Sewer system is the toughest, hardest working grinder pump in the industry. The E/One Extreme Series reflects everything we've learned in more than 40 years as the originator and leader in the category of low pressure sewer systems.

Benefits of Pressure Sewer Systems
As communities migrate from septic tanks to central sewer systems, they will consider pressure sewer and gravity sewer systems. "The Secret Life of Pressure Sewers" details the benefits of pressure sewer systems — for one, they use small, 2- to 4-inch force mains that follow the contour of the land and are installed just below the frost line, eliminating the need for large, deep trenches.

Gravity sewer systems may also require large, expensive lift stations. At Great Sky in Canton, Georgia, a gravity sewer system would have required 20 lift stations because of the steep, hilly terrain. A pressure sewer system cut the number of required lift stations to three.


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